Tips To Program Swimming Pool Timers

Jul 18th

Swimming pool timers can be used to save on energy costs for the pool’s operation. You can save some money by setting the swimming pool timers to operate when the electrical demand is less. The system of pool timer controls are just like a clock. You can also use your smartphone to control the timers. Whatever the brand or style, every programming is similar for every pool timers.

There are few tips to program the swimming pool timers. If you have the clock style timer, you follow those steps below. First, you can take the pool timer and grasp its clock dial’s outer edge and pull the dial forward as far as it will go. The second step you should do is set the clock dial to the appropriate time. You can turn it clockwise or counterclockwise. You can use the time indicator such as permanently attached metal band. The third one is use a screwdriver to loosen the ‘on’ and ‘off clips. You can tighten the screw by moving the ‘on’ clip on the clock dial to start the time whenever you want. Then you can set the ‘off’ clip to the exact time that you want the timer to turn off. Finish it by tighten with a screwdriver.

If you have the electronic swimming pool timers, these are steps you can follow. First thing first, to expose the controls you can pull over the front flap of the timer box and then press the on or off button to turn on the timer. The set the time and date by pressing the mode button until the “set up” is shown on the screen. Set to the appropriate date and time. After that press the “mode” once again to set the hour and minute to the time you want to set the timer. When you are ready to save the settings, press the “mode” again and activate the timer. You can reprogram the swimming pool timers if it necessary.

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