Basic Swimming Pool Plumbing

Jul 12th

Everybody wants to spend a lot of time in the pool during summer, but only a few people really understand about the swimming pool plumbing. Whether you already have a pool at home since many years ago, or just decided to build a swimming pool on your backyard recently, you definitely do not want to busy yourself with all the devices and plumbing systems. Building a swimming pool is not a DIY project. You should hire a professional contractor if you want to make sure everything works well. But, it would be better if you understand the basic things about your pool like how it actually works.

Swimming pool comes in various designs and sizes. But, basically all the pool work the same way. Swimming pools are not just big basins filled with water. We must keep the water clean and chemically balanced. Swimming pool plumbing technology can meet those needs. A pool usually consists of the main drains, skimmer drains, pump, filter, heater, check valve, automatic chlorine pump or salt-chlorine generator if you have a saltwater pool, wall return, and PVC pipes to connecting all of these elements. Main drains located at the bottom of the pool so that all of the small dirt and debris that sink exit through these drains. Skimmer drains have the same functionality as the main drains, but they suck only from the very top of the pool so the small dirt and debris that floats exits through the skimmers.

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As one of swimming pool part, Swimming Pool Plumbing can be the one we should have in our home. This is main part for making our swimming pool is great. When we create something new for our home, the swimming pool is one part of them. So, whenever you have much time, remodeling our swimming pool can be wise thing to do.

Pump that’s powered by an electric motors cause water flows to the filtering and heating systems so that the water remains clean and at a certain temperature you want. Automatic chlorine-pump or chemical feeder is needed for sanitation so that your pool free of germs and bacteria. The water then back again to the pool via wall return. The cycle continues like this as long as your swimming pool plumbing is running. Quite simple isn’t it? Please share your thoughts on the comments section.

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