Stage Lighting Design Guide for One Person

Jul 28th

Even when you have to light up the stage for a single person, the factors to consider like lighting design guide is important. From the tone of the colors emitted to the movement of light, lighting designers and technicians should plan a lighting design that complements the interpreter while making the scene come alive to create a realistic atmosphere. The techniques that are decided for one person are different from those needed for assemblies on stage lighting design guide.

Choose your color scheme for stage lighting. Become familiar with the interpretation of the soloist, because interpretation impacts the mood you need to mark with the lighting. For example, if an actor is performing a monologue of a tragedy, not bright and cheerful colors you would use. Instead, melancholy colors like blue, green and violet color are optimal choices for a drama.

Design the concept of visibility. Think how visible should be the interpreter for the hearing. Because there is only one person on stage, the audience will care about that individual. Talk to the manager about the vision you have with lighting design guide for that scene and complete interpretation. For example, some managers may want the solo performer in silhouette, while other directors want a spotlight on the solo performer to illuminate the head to toe.

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Work the natural environment of the interpretation of the soloist in a lighting design plan. If the natural environment where the interpretation of the soloist takes place is a forest, for example, you could use special lighting effects to make it look like there are shadows of the trees in the background. The color is also impacted by the natural environment.

For example, an interpretation set in the woods can inspire the lighting designer to use green in some like gels with gels cafes in other to create the appearance of a forest. Determine the distribution of lights to the interpreter. Decide whether you will use a lighting design low angle, giving the interpreter a softer look, or a high angle from above, which acts as a flood of light falling onto the actor and illuminates his spot on the stage. Use backlight to create dimension for the person on stage.

The backlight makes it look like that the interpreter has a glow from behind, adding depth to their stage presence. Romantic interpretations of drama and tragedy typically work with backlights rather than the comedies. Ask the manager if the interpreter is moving everywhere during the show. If so, create a movement plan to follow the interpreter lights with a reflector based on lighting design guide.

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