Required Before Install Tabletop Night Light

Aug 1st

Tabletop Night Light – tabletop night light to install the required by the standard cable. When choosing where to be Placed outside light automatic You should Consider the following: See if in the area Where you put your focus there other sensor That Can Be Replaced by this. If you find any well located and the facilities are in Accordance With the standard, you can save fees electrician. Then  Whenever possible install the focus under an overhang so you avoid Risks of water ingress into the post-focus box. After that Ideally, the tabletop night light Should be installed at a height of 2.40 m. on the floor level.

ara to install the required by the standard cable. The detector (sensor) is more sensitive to movement across the detection beam, which at one who follows his own path.

The sensor must not:

  • Head for or on the horizon, because left exposed at the entrance of solar rays that can damage it.
  • Target or routed to surfaces that reflect light beams such as windows or swimming pools.
  • installed directly on a heat source such as another light or stove, as this may confuse the detector emission.

IMPORTANT: Each lamp will mark different installation details. Always read the manufacturer’s instructions before you begin installation a tabletop night light.

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