How to Wire Multi Pendant Lighting In a Garage

Jul 11th

If you need more lighting in the garage, you can install additional lights like multi pendant lighting to an existing circuit, provided that the combined maximum amperage of all the arrangements together does not exceed the rate of breaker amps, you can install as many arrangements as you wish. In a circuit properly installed, add more arrays are a simple matter to place and connect additional wiring of multi pendant lighting.

Turn off the circuit breaker that powers the garage lighting circuit. Remove an existing bulbs pendant light in the garage. Remove the two screws holding the cover to the score. Remove the cover and set it aside with the screws. Remove the retaining screws and cover multi pendant lighting arrangement that you are installing. Open one of the tabs at the top of the array with a flat screwdriver. Place the threaded end of a cable clamp through the opening of the flap with the thread within the array. Screw the nut included in the thread of the clamp. Tour cordoned nut clockwise until it is snug.

Choose a mounting location for the new pendant arrangement.

Mount arrangement in the chosen location using the included screws. Pass one end of the cable conductor existing pendant under the new arrangement. Loosen the screw on the side of the cable clamp in both arrangements. Feed the ends of the cable on track of the cable clamps and tight it up with the screws until the wire is secured. Cut the wire leaving about six inches (15 cm) cable coming out of the arrangements. Remove the outer cover of the cable to the cable bracket. Peel 1/2 inch (1.27 cm) insulation from the ends of the wires cable.

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Remove the wire nuts for connections within the existing settlement.

Insert the stripped end of the white wire in a wire nut with the white connector on the array. Turn the wire nut clockwise to clockwise until snug. Insert the stripped end of the black wire to a wire nut with another black driver in the array. Turn the wire nut clockwise to clockwise until snug. Loosen the green ground screw inside the settlement. Wrap the bare copper wire around the screw. Adjust the screw until the wire is secure. Place the lid on the array, put in the retaining screws and adjust it with ease. Install bulbs in the array.

Insert the stripped end of the white wire in a wire nut with loose white wire in the new arrangement. Adjust the wire nut. Insert the stripped end of the black wire to a wire nut with loose black driver. Adjust the wire nut. Wrap the bare copper wire around the green ground screw and adjusting screw. Place the lid on the array, insert the retaining screws and adjust them. Install lights in the array. Turn on the breaker and test the lights to see operating properly. Check the connections and the circuit breaker of multi pendant lighting if the lights do not work.

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