How to Remove Swimming Pool Algae

Aug 2nd

Swimming pool algae is very disturbing. They are a common swimming pool problem and is almost constantly entering the pool as soon as the sanitizer level drops too low. You may also find a greenish growth on the floor and walls of your swimming pool or a greenish material suspended in the pool water. They are also sometimes present in a yellow or mustard, black, and pink color. Beside they are making your pool look bad, this is also an indication that your pool is not healthy. The water is not sanitized properly and not chemically balanced. You certainly want to give the best to your family, so you have to do something to keep the summer time fun.

You should own a test kit that will tell whether your pool is in good condition or not.

Test kits are available in several types, including the most simple, the test strips. They allow you to test chlorine, pH and total alkalinity. Test kits are also available to test calcium hardness, stabilizer, cyanuric acid and much more. Ensure that the pH level is within the range of 7.2 – 7.6, chlorine level at 2 to 4 ppm, total alkalinity at 70 to 140 ppm (varied based on pool finish or surface), calcium hardness at 200 to 400 ppm (also varied based on pool finish or surface). Swimming pool algae will not appear if you maintain those ideal levels.

To destroying swimming pool algae, you must perform these following steps. Brush and vacuum the walls and floor of the swimming pool. Then, shock treat the pool using chlorine and add algaecide or specific chemicals. Algaecides are available for various types of algae colors to help you easily get rid of them. Clean and back-wash your pool filter regularly and make sure that dead algae is not trapped inside the filter. I hope this article is helpful. Share your thoughts on the comments section.

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