How to Paint Outdoor Flood Light Bulbs

Jul 28th

The color of outdoor flood light bulbs adds a special ambiance to any occasion, whether you randomly hang in the garden or another outdoor space with a soft glow and color. You can paint them yourself with the right materials and a little creativity. Make a series of multicolored spheres to enhance your next party, or landscapes painted with hand and present them as gifts with a personal touch of outdoor flood light bulbs.

Buy painting to glass in a store or craft. The common acrylic paint will not stand the heat of the bulb, so you should buy paint that can be baked. Read the manufacturer’s instructions for glass paint to make sure you choose the correct type. This painting is meant to be used in crockery and glassware, and must be baked to seat and prevent it from chipping or removed. Hold the base of the bulb to the table, to stand freely. If you have a clip, you can adjust your outdoor flood light bulbs and paint one side at a time, rolling it after the paint dries.

Paint the light bulb color you want.

The glass paint can be mixed to create color shades that are not sold separately. For landscape painted, paint the background color you want first, and then layer the landscape as you would with any paint. You can decide in using small stencils to create patterns and objects that you cannot do freehand. Allow the paint to dry and then bake bulbs manufacturer’s instructions. That settles best paint before you can use it in your outdoor flood light bulbs.

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