Crystals for Chandeliers That Will Blow Your Mind

Jul 27th

The mineral crystals for chandeliers are beautiful and fascinating. For some, it may even contain important ritual meanings, symbolic and spiritual. Combining the elements of the natural crystal decorative lighting elements is a good way to liven up a room at the same time it manages to look more exotic and ethereal. Crystal lamps are relatively simple structures, consisting of recessed parts a natural mineral made ??to fit in it a small electric light. With the right tools, you can build your own lamp crystals for chandeliers.

Flat a side of the glass. For best results, start with the side of the glass that is naturally closer to being flat if there is one. Use a disc grinder to grind stone diamond which is irregular. Take sufficient amount of glass on one side to allow hold on a flat surface, if not perfect smoothness, no matter, just that it can sustain without tipping or tipping and it looks good. It does this while you grind, stop periodically, place the stone on a shelf or table and check which areas still stand and can be placed on preventing a flat surface.

Carve a hole for light.

Cutting a cavity in the side of the glass flat recently in which light your inserted using a milling bit. Start by cutting at the point where you want to be the center of the cavity and dive into the crystal crystals for chandeliers carving from the center point outward in all directions. Cutting continues occasionally test brush dust and the size of the cavity light trying to insert. Adjusts the cut and continues until the light from deep enough into the cavity so that the cover glass. Cut a slot for the power light. Look into the crystal and decides which part of the stone you need to go in front. On the opposite side of this part, cutting a narrow slot at the bottom of the cavity extended to light by the edge of the glass.

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Mount the light on the scale plate.

Place the glass with inserted light down on the plate and move it until it is in the position you want. Raise the glass, leaving the device in place. Set the bottom of the device in this place using some epoxy glue, make sure the glue does not come in contact with the vial and only stick to the device itself. Spray the glass with a fixative made ?? to be waterproof. Now you can enjoy your own creation of crystals for chandeliers.

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