Cleaning Tips For Swimming Pool Ladder

Jul 11th

Swimming pool ladder and handrails might be corroding or rusting. It depends on the chemicals that they contact with, but all steels can indeed rust or stain. If the swimming pool water is balance, the stainless steel grades that is used in swimming pool ladders and rails will be fairly impervious. But, if the water chemistry is unbalanced, it may cause the rusting.

The sockets called deck anchors normally clamp the ladder and handrails. You will see the anchoring wedge that is raised the bold by lifting up the escutcheon plates (the decorative circles around the ladder where it goes into the swimming pool deck). Then, use a wrench to unscrew this bolt about a half an inch. To freeing the ladder or rail you probably need to knock down the bold to drive the anchoring wedge down. After that, you are able to lift the ladder or rail up and out of its sockets. If it is stuck, use a rubber mallet to bang the rail above the deck, so it will be free.

You can also use a car jack if the ladder or handrail still stuck to get them out.

You just have to put the jack under the hooked part of the rail, then apply force upward. You have to be careful so you will not jack it too hard as you can deform the ladder or bend it. Then you can try to lift the jack to apply the pressure and hitting on the rail just above the anchor. Use the rubber mallet to do this tips.

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If you already have removed the ladder, now you can start to clean it. Use Naval Jelly to clean the ladder, that is the best cleaner for ladder. Scrub it with a plastic scouring pad and be sure to rinse to remove the all residual chemical from the ladder after cleaning. You can also use Coca Cola if it is hard to find Naval Jelly to clean your swimming pool ladder.

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