All About Swimming Pool Chemistry Reviews

Jul 18th

Although your body feels fresh after swimming, but don’t ever to not shower afterwards, because you don’t know swimming pool chemistry content contained therein. Indeed, in the summer it feels like to swim every day is a fun idea, because the pool can cool off your body. But as long as you swim, your body can also produce chemical reactions that affect the pool water. Therefore if you pee in chlorinated pools will lead to a small number of chemicals that can irritate the lungs.

That evil swimming pool chemistry is uric acid that contained in the urine, according to research conducted at Purdue University, where the tests were carried out to find if uric acid and chlorine interact it will produce a small amount of cyanogen chloride and trichloramine. When inhaled in large quantities, these chemicals can damage internal organs.

The number of chemical compounds produced from the urine of a swimmer can reach 30 to 80 milliliters of which the amount can cause some physical damage.

Protozoa organism such as Cryptosporidium also is one of the most frequent causes of waterborne diseases, which where also a major problem in the pool. Crypto is a microscopic parasite with a hard outer shell that allows it to live for days even in chlorinated pools.

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Germs generally cause prolonged diarrhea if swimmers accidentally drinking contaminated water pond. The bacteria get into the pool in various ways, through swimmers sweat, sunscreen, even urine.

Overall, the pool must be maintained properly in order to avoid the risk of major infections in swimmers. One is to maintain the cleanliness of the swimmers themselves, by rinsing the body first in the shower before swimming. Swimmers should also recognize the characteristics of the cleanliness water pool, if they can’t see the bottom of the pool or at the poolside look foamy, there’s a possibility of swimming pool chemistry levels are high.

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Salt water pool chemicals for dummies,

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