3 Simple Swimming Pool Games for Adults

Jul 23rd

Swimming pool games for adults are never boring. The swimming pool is sure to be the favorite spot where you can enjoy the swimming season along with friends and family. If someone has a swimming pool at home, most likely he would often invite friends and family to have fun. Swimming, lounging, and sunbathing are the perfect things to do during summer. To create special moments, play these following games.

First, we have a simple game called dolphin race.

This swimming pool games for adults is perfect for two players, while the others become cheerleaders. Each player has a beach ball that they must push using only their noses as they swim from one end of the pool to the other. If anyone uses his hands to move the ball, then he must return to the starting position. Dolphin race game can be a relay with four or more players.

Next, there is a classic game that I’m sure you already know, called Marco Polo. If you and your friends haven’t played this game for a long time, try to play it again. Should I explain the rules? Okay. You need a small crowd to play this game. One person is designated to be the Marco. That person must close his eyes and try to tag the rest of the people in the pool. To locate the other people, the Marco can yell “Marco!” and everyone else must respond “Polo!”. The first person to be tagged is the new Marco.

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The last swimming pool games for adults is F-I-S-H. You also need a small crowd to play this game. The first player performs a task that the others must repeat such as a handstand in the water, hold breath, etc. If someone can’t perform the task, he earns the first letter in the word “FISH”. Anyone who form the word “FISH” first, loses. Do you want to add ideas? Share with us!

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